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These question and answer sets have all been published as part of the series “Ask the Expert” in the Campbell River Mirror.

Q. I have had a brain injury. Is there anything that naturopathic medicine can offer to help me?

There are nutraceuticals that cross the blood brain barrier and act as anti-inflammatories for the brain! I believe that there are certain nutrients that would be helpful for most of these cases including vitamin B complex and essential fatty acids found in fish oils to name a few. Call the office for my free April 2012 newsletter, or on my website, “Improving Memory and Brain Function”. There will always be challenges in this type of injury but the condition can certainly be optimized.

Q. Why do you recommend taking cod liver oil by the tablespoon and not the capsules?

The dosage of EPA and DHA is best at 3000mg per day. These are the best dosages to prevent heart disease, help with eye and brain health and treat inflammation.

What is confusing is that a 1000mg capsule of fish oil does NOT yield this dosage. It usually yields about 500mg or less per capsule. This would then require taking up to 6 capsules of cod liver oil to be equivalent to one tablespoon.

Take cod liver oil so that your energy improves and you have fewer aches and pains in just weeks! You are welcome to come by the office any time for a free taste of the lemon flavored Carlson’s cod liver oil. Children love it!

Q. Why can’t I get a B12 injection from my MD instead of a Naturopathic Doctor (ND)?

Your MD will measure your serum (blood) level of B12 and in most cases will find this to be within their “normal range” and will therefore say that you don’t need it. Serum B12 is not an accurate evaluation of the need of your nervous system for B12.  ND’s will give B12 injections based on symptoms and response which means many people find B12 injections help with energy, moods and neurological deficits. For your best response ND’s will use hydroxycobalamine and/or methylcobalamine rather than the standard cyanocobalamine form, in a larger therapeutic dosage.

Call the office for a free article on the benefits of B12

Q. Why do you recommend Verry Berry over all of the other high anti-oxidant juice concentrates on the market?

Verry Berry is the only juice concentrate on the market that is 100% organic. It is made from six different fruits including blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, pomegranate, concord grapes and blueberry.

When you concentrate berries and fruits you also concentrate pesticides and herbicides so it is very important that the fruit is organic. Verry berry is also very high in anthocyanidin content. These are the pigments in the berries that prevent chronic degenerative disease and are often removed in standard food processing.

Verry Berry has a very high anti-oxidant ORAC score and ½ teaspoon is equivalent to one pint of berries. These antioxidants are critical for healthy aging of the brain, heart, eyes, lungs, digestive tract and skin.

Come in for a free taste test! You will love it especially with cod liver oil!

Q. When I get my bioidentical hormones prescribed by you why do I have to get yearly salivary hormone testing done?

Over the years I have seen women who have been on bioidentical estradiol and progesterone for years who have never been followed up. Their hormones are way out of balance and they wonder why they  don't feel so well any more. Bioidentical hormones are not without some risk and must be prescribed with caution. Most women don't know that progesterone can feed into the estrogen pathway raising estrogen levels and potentially increasing estrogen dominance. Naturopathic physicians prescribe bioidentical hormones in lower dosages and use the weaker  estrogen, estriol , rather than estradiol.  

Q. My doctor has checked my thyroid and tells me it is normal but I don’t think it is. How do naturopathic physicians assess the thyroid function?

Over the years the blood parameters for normal thyroid function have been adjusted by Endocrinologists world wide. The normal level for TSH has been dropped from 5.5 to 2-2.5. In my naturopathic practice I find clinically that a TSH of .9-1.5 is better for most women. Most men are fine at 2.5. It is also important to monitor the T4 to make sure that the naturopathic treatment does cause an over active thyroid. Naturopathic medicine offers great support for balancing the under active thyroid and symptoms such as fatigue, slow mental function, constipation, hair loss and digestion improve.

Q. I have had a chronic cough for weeks and my doctor says it is viral and there is nothing he can do for me. How can naturopathic medicine help me?

Our philosophy of healing is to boost the immune system of the body so that the body can fight against viruses or bacteria on its own. We have wonderful herbal tonics and homeopathic remedies that can address chronic cough issues. Often we have to treat the lungs for several months but you will feel better overall within  a week. Of course we look at underlying lifestyle factors that could be interfering with the healing process including food sensitivities. Many of my patients no longer get colds and flus because they follow my “foundation for health” program.

Q. I am taking antidepressants and I want to get off of them. Can you help me?

Depression and anxiety have many contributing factors. It is not just a matter of correcting neurotransmitter functions with prescription drugs. The first thing I do for you is optimize sleep then I optimize blood sugars and evaluate hormone levels. I correct deficiencies. I use homeopathic remedies to stabilize moods and energy. I treat chronic inflammation and gut dysbiosis that can affect moods and energy. Then once you are more stable in all of these areas then I monitor you closely as you gradually wean off the antidepressants. This approach is usually much more successful than just stopping them on your own

Q. I understand that Echinacea is not effective for a cold once you have one? When should I take Echinacea?

First of all not all Echinacea is created equal. When I prescribe Echinacea I only use the E purpurea and E. angustifolia root combination called Echinacea Premium from Mediherb. This way I am assuring the patient gets the full dosage of alkylamides, the active ingredient in Echinacea that tingles the tongue a bit. That is when they know they have a good quality!  This blend modulates the immune system not only to prevent colds and flus but also to prevent cancer. I recommend taking one tablet per day all year round to help avoid getting colds or flus at all. I also prescribe it up to 6 per day for treatment of colds and flus with good success.

Q. What do you mean “Foundation of Health” when referring to your treatment programs?

With every patient that walks in my door I recommend the following five things:

          Remove allergens from the diet

          Get 8 or more hours of good quality sleep

          Improve digestive function to include a daily effectual bowel movement and treating reflux and heartburn.

          Correct nutritional deficiencies

          Lower intake of environmental toxins both in and on the body.

When these are addressed systematically most people are much healthier and happier!

Q. I have a horrible time with seasonal allergies about this time of year. Normally I take over the counter antihistamines for months but I would like to avoid this. How does naturopathic medicine treat allergies?

I recommend the following to reduce allergic responses:

          a) get tested for and avoid food sensitivities

          b) optimize digestive health, the seat of the immune system

          c)  use natural antihistamines like vitamin C and quercitin

Most of my patients who follow this program notice improvement from year to year with their seasonal allergies.

Q. I am taking a water pill to control my blood pressure and I am wondering if you have treatment for elevated blood pressure?

Water pills or diuretics cause deficiencies in minerals such as magnesium and zinc which most people don’t know about and both of these are important for optimal blood pressure! If blood pressure can be controlled with naturopathic herbs and treatment protocols this is a much better option. The normal parameter for blood pressure according to the Cochrane group is 160/100 or less if there are no other symptoms or risk factors. Ask your naturopathic physician what your options might be and make sure you are monitored by a professional if you want to change your medication.

Q. Does taking calcium supplements increase my risk of having a heart attack?

I wrote an article about this in June 2011 and there have been numerous studies since about a possible increase risk of heart attack with calcium supplementation. The answer may be that calcium supplementation should never be taken without magnesium and other minerals such as vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. These are commonly prescribed together by naturopathic physicians. All calcium supplements are not created equal and its popular use as a single nutrient antacid for decades is not the way nature provided us with calcium.

This latest study was published in the Journal “Heart” in June 2012, a review of the EPIC-Heidelberg study published in July 2011 in the Europe Journal of Nutrition entitled “Vitamin/mineral supplementation and cancer, cardiovascular, and all-cause mortality in a German prospective cohort.” This study was not designed to research the effects of calcium on the risk of heart attacks.

Q. I am pregnant and wanting some help with preparing for delivery. How can you help me?

During my prenatal consultation I suggest that pregnant women visit me again one month before they deliver. At that time I give them an herbal tonic that will prepare the uterus for delivery helping with the dilation of the cervix. This same tonic is also useful during the first month after delivery restoring the uterus back to its non pregnant size. We also review a few homeopathic remedies that are used during the process of labour and delivery. Whenever I get a chance to review nutrition for mom and babe I take it so I review the vitamin D status of the pregnant mom and the importance of probiotics to prep the vaginal canal. Both are important for the optimal immune function of the new born.

Q. Why do you recommend taking cod liver oil by the tablespoon and not the capsules?

The dosage of EPA and DHA is best at 3000mg per day. These are the best dosages to prevent heart disease, help with eye and brain health and treat inflammation.

What is confusing is that a 1000mg capsule of fish oil does NOT yield this dosage. It usually yields about 500mg or less per capsule and often contains "other oils" which can be contribute to health problems. 

Take cod liver oil so that your energy improves and you have fewer aches and pains in just weeks! You are welcome to come by the office any time for a free taste of the lemon flavored Carlson’s cod liver oil or our new fish oil Cytomatrix Fish Oil. This fish oil is made of anchovies and sardines for those who don't like the cod liver oil. This oil is less oily and requires only 1 teaspoon daily dosing.

Q. It is back to school time and I want to make a fresh start towards a healthier me. How do I get started?

Food sensitivity testing (electrodermal sensitivity testing or EDS) can provide for you a list of foods that are not doing your body much good. The results, which you receive immediately after the test is completed, include a list of foods you should try to avoid for two months. We then recommend re-testing to identify foods that can be added back to your diet.  When you avoid foods to which you are sensitive, you are in essence providing a rest for your body and helping to stop the vicious cycle of food addictions. This helps people lose weight and become more energetic. Carmen, our technician, can provide this service without you having to see me first. Don’t forget that many of our tests and visits may be covered by your extended health plan. If you need more help then you can make an appointment with me later so that I can develop a custom Foundation of Health program for you. Best of health to you!

Q. As a breast cancer survivor I support Breast Cancer Awareness month and I know that only a fraction of the donations collected for breast cancer research are used toward its PREVENTION. How can I help myself and others?

There is a website Pink and Green Ribbon which is grass roots organization dedicated to education and research on the connection of the environment and women’s health. The National Film Board of Canada released a documentary in 2011 called “Pink Ribbon Inc” based on the book written by Samantha King that is also worth watching.

In order to thrive and not just survive, naturopathic physicians follow Dr. Lise Alschuler’s “Five to Thrive” plan by helping patients transform their internal body landscape through five key pathways: immune, inflammation, hormone, insulin resistance, digestion and detoxification pathways.

Q. November is Diabetes Awareness Month. What news can you give those who have had diabetes type II for a long time or who are newly diagnosed?

My favorite book to recommend for Type II diabetes patients is The Schwarzbein Principle Book II by Dr. Schwarzbein. Chapter Eleven outlines a diet plan that has worked for my patients for years but requires a lot of education. I start with diet diaries and glucometer readings one hour after eating to educate people how different foods will spike blood sugar and that is what you are trying to avoid in these patients. Of course there are important nutrients that these people also need. There is a way to optimize your blood sugars to below 6 if you really want to avoid the complications of diabetes.

Q. A recent media report on thermography claims that it was used as a screening test for breast cancer and that Health Canada has issued a statement that it is now illegal to advertise, sell or use these types of machines for this purpose. How are you now advising patients?

Our associations in Canada are communicating with Health Canada and clarifying with them that thermography has never been used by our profession as a screen or diagnosis of breast cancer. It is a functional assessment of breast health that can then lead to further assessments with the use of mammograms and ultrasounds for a diagnosis. Naturopathic physicians practice functional medicine which attempts to optimize health before a disease develops.

Q. I have a horrible cough since getting the flu recently. How can I avoid antibiotics yet again?  I even had the flu shot and don’t want to go through this again next year!

For the last 27 years of my practice I have been using a wonderful natural antibiotic that is dosed aggressively for 10 days. When patients take this along with my Upper Respiratory formula they get well very quickly. Most of my patients don’t get sick when they take fish oil by the tablespoon (that also has some vitamin D in it), HMF probiotics and the HTSF SEP 200 homeopathic preventive remedy. This is what I call true “Health Insurance”.

Q. The teacher is complaining that my child has attention deficit  and hyperactivity symptoms while in the classroom and is suggesting that I see a pediatrician. What can naturopathic medicine offer my child?

I start with a very basic naturopathic approach correcting common deficiencies and identifying food sensitivities. Once these are corrected many symptoms improve. In addition we have many remedies that help children with this condition without having to resort to prescription medications or that can be used in addition to medications.

Q. My doctor has told me that I have compromised kidney function. What can I do to support what function I have left?

In naturopathic medicine we prescribe specific anti-oxidant formulas to improve mitochondrial function of kidney cells, we prescribe herbs that can decrease BUN and creatinine and we prescribe tonic herbs that protect the kidney cells and help the body deal with the stress of decreased kidney function.

Q. My doctor has told me that because I have a lot of HDL cholesterol, the “good” kind and my LDL’s are normal I don’t have to worry about my high cholesterol. Is this true?

Half of those who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels! What many of the Heart Labs in the United States are now offering is measuring the SIZE of the HLD and LDL cholesterol not just the number. Some patients with high HDL may have HDL’s that are smaller in size than is ideal, so they are not as efficient at taking the lipids back to the liver, increasing their risk of cardiovascular disease.  Other patients have a high LDL number but because they are large in size they do not cause inflammation inside the arterial wall like the small size LDL does, thus lowering the cardiovascular risk. At my office we have Berkeley Heart Labs do these tests for us at a very reasonable price. Knowing the sizes of your HDL and LDL can really help you accurately assess your risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Q. With the recent news of a famous person having a double mastectomy, what is your advice on preventing breast cancer?

Mutations of the BRAC1 and BRAC2 repair genes play a role in 5-10% of breast cancer cases. If you have a mother, daughter or sister with breast cancer you are twice as likely to get the disease. So in these cases getting checked for these genetic defects would be appropriate. However the science of “epigenetics” shows that changing the environment around the genes can prevent them from manifesting. So lifestyle and nutrition may prevent genetic damage. This includes avoiding the birth control pill, HRT (hormone replacement therapy) alcohol, obesity, eating charred meat, smoking, pesticides and PCB”s and other pollutants. Naturopathic medicine addresses the epigenetics of the body for the prevention of many diseases including breast cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Q. What kind of sunscreen and skin care do you recommend?

Newco is a company that sells chemical free skin care products. Their sunscreen is a physical barrier type sunscreen made with zinc oxide.  Zinc oxide protects against both UVA and UVB sun rays whereas chemical sunscreens block one or the other. The Newco sunscreen offers 15 SPF protection. They also provide skin care lotions and ointments made out of sulforaphane from broccoli that help relieve sunburns, cuts, dry skin and mosquito bites as well as offer anti-aging benefits. We offer free samples of these lotions and ointments.

Q. MSP will no longer pay to have my vitamin D blood test done. Why is this?

MSP considers the main role of vitamin D to be the prevention of osteoporosis but will not pay for this preventive measure. Vitamin D is a marker of inflammation and the main reason I am recommending that most of my patients know their blood levels of vitamin D is to prevent many types of cancer including breast and prostate. However adequate levels of vitamin D will lower blood pressure and cardiovascular risk, prevent depression, help with insomnia and fatigue and of course prevent osteoporosis. I am recommending a level of 150nmol/L but most MD’s are happy with 80-90nmol/L. During pregnancy adequate levels of vitamin D may prevent Type I diabetes in children. Making sure children get vitamin D helps prevent colds and flus and ear infections.

Q. I am 60 years old and I have a strong family history of cardiovascular disease. My MD tells me that my blood pressure, blood sugars and cholesterol are all normal. I go to the gym three times per week and my weight is normal. I don’t smoke and I drink one bottle of red wine per week. He has given me a clear bill of health. Is there anything else I should be looking for to prevent a heart attack or stroke?

50% of heart attacks occur in people like yourself. Why is this? Inflammation is the key. There are blood tests that can measure several inflammatory markers such as PLA2 for inflammation  of the arterial walls. The size of the HDL and LDL cholesterols  matter and if small are risk factors. Elevated triglycerides and HgA1C are two blood tests that are more accurate at assessing blood sugar. Naturopathic physicians are well versed to give you a complete inflammatory assessment and order these tests as  many of them are not covered by MSP.

Q. I would like to support naturopathic oriented Breast Cancer research. Who do you recommend I contact?

There is an organization called Rethink Breast Cancer which supports younger women with breast cancer and looks at a more thorough list of some of the underlying causes of breast cancer. There is the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Center that has naturopathic research programs and there is our Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors who can tell you the research projects that are on going across Canada and in the Naturopathic Medical Schools. I encourage people to see the National Film Board of Canada documentary “Pink Ribbons Inc” which is available at the local library for more information.

Q. I really want to prevent the flu this season and I don’t want to get a flu shot, what do you recommend?

We have several homeopathic remedies that are very simple to administer, effective and used for the entire family. Influenzinum 2013/2014 is in stock now and dosed once per week for five weeks for the entire family. HTSF is another homeopathic remedy that is stronger and suitable for older children and adults. It is dosed weekly from now until April. HTSF can also be used for treatment as well. Come by the office and find out more about these simple remedies. You don’t have to be a patient to get these remedies from our clinic.

Q. My teenage daughter is depressed and we want to help her as much as we can? What recommendations do you have for her?

Rubimeds are homeopathic combination remedies developed in Switzerland over 15 years ago, that work very well at helping with anxiety and depression even in situations where people are taking antidpressants. We try and avoid antidepressants as much as possible and many times this can be done with combinations of Rubimeds and neutraceuticals. For starters teenagers are very vulnerable to what music they listen to and how much time they spend on social media. Their bedrooms should be free of all electronics for rejuvenating sleep! And homeopathy does work!

Q. What advice do you give your patients to help them through a tough emotional period?

I encourage them to keep a gratitude journal.  Many years ago I read “Simple Abundance” by Sara ban Breathnach. She recommends having a daytimer in which to record five things for which you are grateful each day. I use the one called “Reflections” carried by local book stores. In order to feel grateful, the ego needs to take a back seat and frustration turns to appreciation. The more grateful you are, the more you have to be grateful for! Happy New Year!

Q. I am entering menopause and my hormones are out of balance? How do you assess and treat this?

Many naturopathic physicians in BC have prescribing rights as of August 2010 and they can prescribe estrogen and progesterone bio-identical hormones.  Saliva testing is used to measure estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, testosterone and DHEA. Serum blood tests are used to assess thyroid and liver function. Naturopathic Physicians have a very balanced approach using nutrition, herbal medicine and bio-identical hormones to deal with hormone balance in both men and women.

Q. I am 35 year old woman with a busy family and I have severe fatigue with weird neurological symptoms that no doctor or specialist can figure out. I can barely take care of my family. What can naturopathic medicine offer me?

The missing link may often be exhausted or “burned out” adrenal glands. Using salivary hormone testing, levels of cortisol can be measured in the body to determine the stage of adrenal fatigue. Naturopathic medicine offers brilliant remedies to re-charge the adrenal glands and the thyroid is always tested and supported also. Naturopathic physicians treat subclinical hypothyroidism much more frequently than an MD will. If the exhaustion is severe it can take many months to get back to optimal health but “burn out” can definitely be reversed. The remedies will usually make you feel better within the first month of treatment to encourage you to maintain the treatment program.  I often recommend weekly B12 injections to speed things up in cases like this.

Q. How can you help cancer patients?

“Five to Thrive” written by Dr. Lise Alschuler and Karolyn Gazella, two cancer “thrivers” outline a very good naturopathic approach to all aspects of cancer prevention, therapies during cancer treatments and steps for maintaining a remission.  They include strategies to support  the immune system, reduce inflammation, facilitate detoxification, supporting hormone balance and blood sugar metabolism. Naturopathic physicians can help you prioritize your program to prevent mutations of cancer cells. It is always better to start sooner than later to maintain a remission of any cancer type.

Q. When did Naturopathic Doctors in BC get their prescribing rights for the first time?

In August 2010 the first round of ND’s received their prescribing rights in BC. This accomplishment is the first in Canada and is a testament to the growth of Naturopathic Medicine over the last 91 years in British Columbia. This week May 12th to 18th is National Naturopathic Medicine Week where ND’s celebrate their profession by educating the public through lectures and hosting the viewing of the film GMO OMG. See www.BCNA.ca for show times in Victoria, Richmond and Vancouver. Come on by, my office is always open to drop in and taste some of our remedies as well as learn more about us. Learn what naturopathic medicine can do to revitalize your health and that of your loved ones. Check out my 15 years of my published articles.

Q. I have a rheumatoid arthritis and my doctor tells me there is nothing more he can do for me except prescribe medication. How can naturopathic medicine help me?

Naturopathic physicians specialize in chronic disease management. Often these patients are severely de¬ cient in critical nutrients, they have food sensitivities and there are many natural anti-in ammatories that can be taken in combination with prescription medications. If you are ready for a change then Naturopathic Medicine can help!

Q. I am asked frequently “should I get the shingles prevention vaccine Zostavax” or “should my daughter get the Gardasil vaccine for HPV virus protection?”

For shingles prevention, every one’s immune system is different, especially as we get older, so the answer to this one requires an assessment and education by your naturopathic physician. Regarding the Gardasil vaccine, Gary Null Ph.D, a well known journalist and researcher, has a great article on this subject published in the Feb/March 2014 Townslend Letter. Every parent should read this article BEFORE agreeing to the Gardasil vaccine for their daughters and sons. You may pick up a free copy at my office.

Q. Already colds and us have hit our household. What can we do as a family to make this our healthiest year yet?

I have homeopathic recommendations for children that are taken monthly and taste good. Ask at the front desk for our prevention program for the whole family. For adults who are getting a cold, sinus or chest infection and want to avoid antibiotics, my favourites include Optibiostim, our very effective herbal antibiotic formula, that when taken alone or with my lung formula will get you feeling better very quickly. As for prevention the standards are simply Echinacea Premium taken one per day all year round, fish oil with vitamin D and probiotics.

Q. I am a simple kinda guy, how can I best prevent prostate cancer?

Well in your kitchen there are a number of foods that you might want to eat on a regular basis. According to Dr. Jonathon Wright MD, the following prevent prostate cancer: plant fats such as avocado and olive oil and walnuts; allspice; bee propolis, ginger, tumeric, tomatoes for their lycopene content and apigenin bioflavinoids found in cherries, apples, grapes broccoli, leeks, chamomile, and parsley. Dr. Wright clarifies that fish oil does prevent prostate cancer and I add vitamin D, and pomegranite to that list along with selenium. Make your home as chemical free as possible and drink lots of green tea. See, it is simple!

Q. Do you recommend that I get the shingles vaccine?

Dealing with the immune system is never a simple, easy question. It depends on many factors including your age, the underlying health condition you may have and on the preventive treatment program that you are currently following. If someone never gets a cold or ¬flu then I would say your risk might be lower than someone who has diabetes and gets a bad flu every year.
Naturopathic medicine offers many levels of immune system support and some are recommended year round. These include adequate Vitamin D, ie the amount that keeps your blood levels at 150nmol/l, probiotics to prime the immune system in your intestinal tract and fish oils that provide an anti-inflammatory effect on every organ in the body.
If you have been taking these remedies regularly then your chances of getting shingles might be greatly reduced. However if you do start to get tingling and pain associated with shingles you can do something about it right away! Dr. Gifford-Jones formula Medi-C Plus is one such recommendation along with Vitamin B12 in high dosages or injected intramuscularly.
Mainstream medicine cautions against high doses of B12 and lysine but naturopathic physicians do not. Therapeutic doses are required for therapeutic results in order to avoid or reduce the number of prescription medications. Naturopathic medicine offers informed choices and education so that you can make up your own mind. Sign up on my website to receive my published articles every three weeks.


Q. What are some common nutrient deficiencies caused by drugs?

Diuretics: hydrochlorathiazide is particularly bad at depleting many nutrients including magnesium, potassium CoQ10 and zinc. Magnesium is a very common deficiency in the North American diet contributing to symptoms like: headaches and migraine headaches, heart palpitations, anxiety, joint pains and an irritable bladder. It is also crucial for blood sugar metabolism and insulin sensitivity in Type- 2 Diabetics so it helps optimize the function of diabetic medication.
Statin drugs: are well known to deplete CoQ10 and there is mounting evidence that taking CoQ10 may help prevent some of the adverse effects of statins such as: cognitive decline, neuropathy, pancreatic and liver dysfunction and sexual dysfunction. Mitochondria are the power houses of the different cells in the body (except red blood cells) and certain drugs are toxic to the mitochondria. These include acetominophine, NSAIDS, tobacco, cocaine, alcohol, minocycline, propranolol, L-dopa and statins. Magnesium is stored within the mitochondria and is a crucial mineral to supplement when taking these drugs, in addition to B complex. Other nutrients that I use regularly to support mitochondrial function are L-Carnitine and Lipoic acid.
SSRI antidepressants work better with folic acid. Up to one third of depressed individuals are folate- deficient. If the drug is restarted with poor results, folic acid makes the SSRI work better the second time around. Nutraceuticals may exert a “drug-sparing” effect that allows a person to lower doses of conventional medications under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor. Isn’t that what you want, fewer drugs not more?


Q. I was diagnosed with cancer and my oncologist told me that “they got it all”. How do naturopathic physicians treat cancer patients?

Those words “we got it all” are words that we wish that oncologists would not say to their patients. What they mean is that during the surgical procedure they removed the tumour with a good margin of normal cells and that there are no cancer cells in your lymphatic system. So there is no further treatment recommended ie no chemotherapy or radiation. End of story.

Well that is the beginning of the story for naturopathic physicians. Cancer cells are microscopic and the body is making them every day. If your immune system is functioning well then these abnormal cells are sought out and killed before they have a chance to replicate into a larger mass. If your body has had a cancer tumour removed then your body’s milieu promoted the growth of these abnormal cells on some level. If you keep on doing what you have been doing then a cancer recurrence may be more likely.

Identifying underlining causes of cancer is not hard science but naturopathic physicians look at your environment both inside the body and out. Studies in Israel indicate the incidence of breast cancer has dropped over the last decade with the removal of 3 pesticides from the agricultural industry. So not only is it important to remove toxins from your home and your food, it is also important to look at the body’s internal milieu. Naturopathic therapies support many mechanisms of the body’s inherent healing ability and in many cases these same remedies improve the efficacy of chemo and radiation if a person needs these also.

To answer your question I teach people like yourself a comprehensive cancer prevention program to follow for one year to lessen the likelihood of a cancer recurrence.





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